Custom Made Comfort

Tony McBryan, CEO and Co-Founder of Custom Made Comfort LLC, had a great year in 2012, when he doubled sales in his new business, and did it by securing marquee clients who would provide great testimonials and repeat business. Co-founded with his wife Janis, their business designs exceptional heirloom-quality products, customized with logos and designs for high-end clients like elite golf clubs, corporations, and academic institutions. The company takes the logo and expertly knits or skillfully prints it into a beautifully crafted design. Product lines include custom blankets, pillows and totes.

tonymcbryanTony began with the Merion Golf Club on Philadelphia’s Main Line – the home of the 2013 U.S. Open – as a customer for custom blankets. He also secured Princeton University Bookstore and Malvern Preparatory School as clients, responding quickly to their request for totes and pillows in addition to blankets. Like all of Tony’s customers, they return again and again for new orders.

In 2012, Tony doubled his sales, achieved profitability, and paid off the loans he needed to start the business. He did this by responding effectively and promptly to a great many inquiries from exciting prospects. One day he received a 1:30 a.m. email from a key prospect he had been cultivating, and then two days later a major sports university contacted him. Tony recalls he himself was so very excited, he found it hard to focus. So he reached out to Dave Morra, Wharton SBDC Consultant. McBryan says, “When I needed an independent voice to help me focus on what needed to be done to take advantage of big opportunities, Dave was there for me. We worked through the pricing and positioning as well as how to communicate about the size and reliability of Custom Made Comfort.”

Throughout the year, McBryan continued to secure more customers, all of whom would provide repeat business. He also acquired a great representative who had already begun generating more customers on a commission basis. His customer base continues to develop, including golf and yacht clubs, universities, private schools, and corporate accounts. All of Custom Made Comfort’s offerings are Made in USA.

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