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SBA and HHS Talk Affordable Care Act for Small Businesses with Dan Loney and Therese Flaherty on Wharton SBDC’s Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM 111
Knowledge@Wharton, SiriusXM 111 Wharton Business Radio
October 29, 2015

Small Business Experts Talk SBA Grants for Small Innovative Tech Businesses with Dan Loney on Wharton SBDC’s Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM 111
Knowledge@Wharton, SiriusXM 111 Wharton Business Radio
June 3, 2015

Small Business Experts Talk CyberSecurity for Small Business with Dan Loney on Wharton SBDC’s Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM 111
Knowledge@Wharton, SiriusXM 111 Wharton Business Radio
April 23, 2015

Small Business Experts Talk CyberSecurity for Small Business with Wharton SBDC on Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM 111
Knowledge@Wharton, SiriusXM 111 Wharton Business Radio
February 12, 2015

Small Business Leaders Talk Social Responsibility with Wharton SBDC on Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM 111
Knowledge@Wharton, SiriusXM 111 Wharton Business Radio
January 22, 2015

Small Business Experts Talk Recovery and Future Outlook with Wharton SBDC
Knowledge@Wharton, SiriusXM 111 Wharton Business Radio
December 11, 2014

Big Lessons from Small Business
Wharton Magazine
December 21, 2012

Wharton SBDC consultant says, “My experience at the Wharton SBDC is overall preparing me for an entrepreneurial career, and I am excited to see where my work as a consultant will take me.” more >

Getting Inspired, One Entrepreneur at a Time
Wharton Entrepreneurship Blog
December 6, 2012

MBA consultants in the Business Building Program assist entrepreneurs and are, in turn, inspired by their drive and passion. more >

Talking Small Biz: 13 worst businesses to start now
December 24, 2012

“If you look at the businesses that are most likely to fail, it’s restaurants. They need planning more than anybody because they can’t adjust,” says Director Therese Flaherty. more >

Michael Hinkelman: Startup suggestions from Wharton Center leader
Daily News
November 21, 2012

Director Therese Flaherty on successful start-ups: “The businesses that ultimately succeed never succeed in the form in which the owners thought they would.” more >

Into Africa
Wharton Magazine
June 26, 2012

Wharton SBDC hosted Dr. Kingsley Chieudu Moghalu, deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, who addressed the role of small and medium sized busiensses in the Nigeria economy and the opportunities for bsuienss in that country. more >

Brazilian Leaders Talk Sports, Business at Wharton 
Wharton Magazine
June 13, 2012

Visit made possible by a partnership between Wharton Small Business Development Center and several organizations, including the World Trade Center of Greater Philadelphia, the Oudunde Festival and the City of Philadelphia. more >

SBA visits Wharton for Young Entrepreneur Series discussion on federal financing for startups
Technically Philly
March 26, 2012

SBA Regional administrator on enhancing the “ecosystem for entrepreneurs.” more >

Helping Small-Business Owners Find the Perfect Mentor
New York Times
March 23, 2012

Director Therese Flaherty, finds that mentoring programs had the greatest impact when mentors came in at a point when the business owners were struggling with something that had stymied their original idea. more >

Keeping Young Entrepreneurs Engaged: It’s a Community Effort
Huffington Post
March 22, 2012

Wharton SBDC consultants coach high school entrepreneurs for yearly business plan competition. more >

Aseema Matures, but Remains Firm in Its Mission of ‘Values-driven Education’
India Knowledge@Wharton
February 23, 2012

Almost a decade ago, the Wharton SBDC, together with the Mumbai-based S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, helped social entreprenueur with a business plan for her mission-driven organization. more >

Innovation and creativity move to the heart of the curriculum
Financial Times
February 6, 2012

Students’ learning is enriched in the “live classroom” of the Wharton SBDC. more >

Wells Fargo: Principal Partner of the Wharton SBDC and The Wharton School
Wharton SBDC
December 21, 2011

The Wharton School is delighted to announce that Wells Fargo has made a multi-year commitment of $500,000 to support the Wharton SBDC more >

Small Business Woes? Find a Smart Groove
July 28, 2011

Wharton SBDC Director Therese Flaherty says small companies can succeed by “finding a differential value-add and delivering well.” more >

Philly’s fastest: two under-25 entrepreneurs to watch
Flying Kite
July 26, 2011

University of Pennsylvania students’ interest in working for themselves is skyrocketing, says Director Therese Flaherty more >

Navy Yard’s Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster hiring five
Flying Kite
June 14, 2011

Wharton SBDC is hiring a EEBHUB Program Director more >

Wharton SBDC helps Nikki Jean the singer become Nikki Jean the baker (at least for now)
Flying Kite
February 22, 2011

Wharton SBDC Director Therese Flaherty says “It’s all about giving people a safe place to think and explore their commitments. I love seeing learning.” more >

PhillyInc: Wharton Small Business Development Center’s advice? Be clever
The Philadelphia Inquirer
February 14, 2011

Wharton SBDC Director Therese Flaherty comments on trends among area entreprenuers and the difficult small business lending climate. more >

Wharton Undergraduates Gain Access to a “Hub” of Small Business Consulting Knowledge
Get It Started! The Newsletter of Wharton Entrepreneurship
November 18, 2010

A Management 100 project teamed Wharton undergrads with The Hub, a fast-growing event business more >

Wharton SBDC Client on starting a business after a layoff
ABC’s Good Morning America
Jul 26, 2010

Bill Doyle launched GO2GUY, a personal concierge service, in May 2010. more >

Wharton SBDC Director Therese Flaherty on registering a start-up
NY Times
Mar 31, 2010

“If you treat this as paperwork and box checking, you’re missing some of the issues that will be critical to your business,” said Flaherty. more >

Obama shows off his cheesesteak knowledge Political Ticker
March 16, 2009

Wharton MBA & Venture Initiation Program alum, Marco Lentini was selected as one of twelve small business owners from across the country to participate in a round table discussion with President Obama regarding his Small Business Plan more >

Class Action
February 23, 2009

Small businesses increasingly turn to M.B.A. students for advice. But they may have to wait in line. more >

Small business advocates hear survival tactics at seminar
Philadelphia Business Journal
November 21, 2008

WSBDC Director participates in program aimed at helping small business owners develop strategies to weather the economic downturn. more >

Interview with former Wharton SBDC client Karen Rostmeyer, co-founder of Dutch Umbrella
September 11, 2008

Wharton SBDC expanding assistance
Philadelphia Business Journal
August 1, 2008

The center’s resource staff plans projects involving more than just startups more >

Getting their hands dirty
Get It Started
June 2008

Students Help Wharton Small Business Development Center Client Help Farmers. more >

Advice is cheap at business schools
Philadelphia Business Journal
March 14, 2008

CEOs of area companies go “back to school” to take their businesses to next level. more >

Wharton SBDC Director on female entrepreneurship
May 27, 2008

Female entrepreneurs are helping themselves and others to start and grow successful businesses. more >

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