SBA and HHS Talk Affordable Care Act for Small Businesses with Dan Loney and Therese Flaherty on Wharton SBDC’s Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM 111

Wharton SBDC

Dan Loney (not pictured), host of Knowledge@Wharton Sirius XM 111, was joined this morning by Joanne Corte Grossi, MIPP, Director of Region III, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (pictured right) and Natalia Olson-Utrecho, Regional Administrator of the Mid-Atlantic Region (pictured left), of the US Small Business Administration, and Therese Flaherty, Director of the Wharton Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

They reminded listeners that beginning January 1, 2016, employers with more than 50 full time equivalent employees will be required to offer their employees health insurance.  Small business owners with fewer than 50 employees can purchase health plans for their employees at any time throughout the year on the SHOP Marketplace available through  Small business owners now have many options when it comes to health and dental coverage and can find them on the SHOP Marketplace. Don’t put off the decision-making: confer with your brokers, financial advisers, accountants and lawyers now.

Look for on-line advice, resources and the marketplace on

This podcast will be available on the “Best of Wharton Business Radio” website after November 12. Until then, SiriusXM subscribers can listen to the segment on SiriusXM On Demand.