Small Business Experts Talk CyberSecurity for Small Business with Dan Loney on Wharton SBDC’s Knowledge@Wharton SiriusXM 111

April 23, 2015
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Dan Loney (center), host of Knowledge@Wharton Sirius XM 111 was joined this morning by Bill Conner (Wharton MBA alum, left), President and CEO of Silent Circle and David Chamberlin,  Executive Vice President and Global Leader, Data Security & Privacy Group, Edelman to discuss Cybersecurity for Small Businesses in a program arranged by Wharton SBDC.

Bill noted that the first issue for small business owners is awareness of the importance of the cyber security threats even to small businesses; then small business owners need to figure out what to do to secure their data and operations and how to do it.  Even employees surfing the web on point of sale terminals (which is now common) can facilitate problems.  David Chamberlin points out that a great guide to help small business owners get started is the FCC Small Business Cyber Planner.

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