Early Stage Businesses

The Wharton SBDC Program for Early Stage Entrepreneurs
An Integrated Solution to Take Your New Business or Business Idea to the Next Level

Program Overview

An early stage entrepreneur is beginning to build his/her business or has a deep commitment to starting one. He/she is interested in understanding what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, how to conceptualize the details of a product idea, how to write an effective business plan, and how to compare the various options for financing.

The Wharton SBDC Program for Early Stage Entrepreneurs begins with the First Step. This one session workshop is perfect for those who feel they need to learn more about building the foundation for a successful, sustainable business.

Once you have completed the First Step, you will likely proceed to the Strategic Business Planning. These sessions have proven to be effective in supporting clients to draft their business plans in five weeks. The workshop is followed up with a review and assessment of your plan as well as support and advice as you take the next steps in building your business.