Established Businesses

The Wharton SBDC Program for Established Businesses
An Integrated Solution to Improve Business Performance

Program Overview

An entrepreneur with an established business is generating income from an existing business with substantial and predictably recurring sales. He or she is facing a business transformation or otherwise considering a new opportunity to increase sales and/or rationalize costs.

The Wharton SBDC Program for Entrepreneurs with Established Businesses begins with a group Introductory Meeting, where you will meet our professional staff, learn about the program, and begin your consulting engagement. In this session you will gain insight into your own business through the analysis of other clients’ experiences as well as your own.

When you have completed the Introductory Meetings, you will be assigned a consultant with whom you will meet for multiple one-on-one sessions. You will work together with your consultant on a well-defined project, generally lasting two to four months, focused on achieving meaningful results. These engagements are designed to support the entrepreneur in identifying and beginning to execute the steps that will lead to improvements consistent with the entrepreneur’s business goals. The Wharton SBDC consultants are MBA candidates, all of whom have between four and twelve years of business experience. In addition, both our consultants and clients are supported by our experienced, professional staff.

After a specific project has reached its conclusion, the Wharton SBDC continues to support our clients. When a project is concluded, the client may be supported with advice and other support.

If you are an established business as defined above, please register for the Introductory Meetings to begin your consulting engagement.